Join conditions


1, with business and market awareness, to agree with the company's business philosophy, with brand awareness and development vision.

2, the brand management, monopoly business have a certain understanding, it is best engaged in indoor door products related to the work.

3, with relevant sales network or indoor door product marketing experience.

4, to understand the region wooden doors market, there is a certain sales channels.

5, is the direct operator of the franchise, can be fully into the business.

6, willing to comply with the provisions of your company, especially apply to join the Kentucky interior door products dealers.

Join Advantage


Advantages 1 - industry is good, the market is big;

Advantages 2 - the strength of enterprises, low distribution risk;

Advantages 3 - differentiation, personalized brand positioning, suitable for market consumption characteristics;

Advantages 4 - product chain reasonable science, to meet the different needs of individual consumers;

Advantages 5 - a strong scale of production and equipment, strict quality management system to protect the industry recognized the excellent quality;

Advantages 6 - excellent customer service system;

Advantage 7 - industry senior marketing team;

Advantages 8 - efficient management and excellent support policies;

Advantages 9 - perfect training system;

Advantage 10 - broad and profound corporate culture, to ensure that franchisees and enterprises to achieve win-win!


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